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Navigating the aisles of a paint store for a DIY painting project can often be a daunting task. With an array of items from painter’s tape to drop cloths and paintbrushes to sponges, the choices seem endless. While some items, like floor plastic, might not directly impact your project’s outcome, others such as brushes and tape can significantly affect your lines and finish.

Focusing on the Tape Selecting the right tape is crucial for achieving clean, straight lines in your painting project. Using tape that’s not sticky enough could result in uneven lines, while overly sticky tape might leave residue or cause adhesion issues.

Recommended Types of Tape At Sisu Painting, we often recommend 3M™ products, particularly the Scotch® brand tape. Though these tapes might be pricier, their quality justifies the cost. Cheap tape often equates to lower quality.

Scotch® Masking Tape for Production Painting 2020

This tape offers high adhesion with a 3-day safe release. It’s perfect for areas requiring strong stickiness, like exteriors or challenging interior spots. The 2020 tape ensures that your paper or plastic stays put against trim and windows even in windy conditions. However, its stickiness means you should remove it promptly within three days to avoid residue. Learn more about this tape at

ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape for Multi-Surfaces 2090

This medium adhesion tape comes with a 14-day safe release. Ideal for most painting projects, it provides reliable adhesion without the pressure of a short removal window like the 2020 tape. This flexibility makes it suitable for both interior and exterior projects that might extend beyond a few days. Find out more about this versatile tape at

ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape 2080

With low-medium adhesion and a 60-day safe release, the 2080 tape is perfect for interior projects, especially on delicate surfaces or for extended projects. Its longer release period and reduced risk of paint bleeding under the tape make it a top choice for interiors. Despite its higher cost, the quality of finish it provides is worth the investment.


Frogtape® is another excellent option, available in various adhesion levels. It’s particularly useful for interior projects or specialized tasks like geometric murals. Frogtape® features PaintBlock® Technology, which forms a seal with wet paint to minimize bleeding and ensure straighter lines. While opinions on Frogtape® may vary, it can be a great choice for projects where precision is key. They also offer Shape Tape™, allowing for creative designs with less effort.

Tape Width

Choosing the right width of tape is the next step. Professionals typically use one or one-and-a-half-inch tape, but homeowners might find two-inch tape provides more room for error.

Final Tips

After selecting the ideal tape, ensure proper application. Running your finger along the tape’s edge activates the glue through heat from friction, aiding in achieving those desired straight lines.

In conclusion, the right tape choice can greatly enhance the outcome of your painting project. Remember, proper preparation and application are key to achieving professional-looking results. For more painting tips and advice, visit and explore our informative blog at

Good luck with your painting project! Nancy

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