The cost of painting a house can average between $5,685 to $6,749. Customers often ask for a square footage cost based on the size of their home; when in reality, it’s the square footage of the wall surface that we base our calculations on. This is why we measure when we provide a quote. Other factors can also influence the cost to paint a house.

Exterior vs Interior

In addition, the cost to paint exterior of house is calculated differently than the cost to paint interior of house. So, how can you budget for your home maintenance or remodel? My formulas for the cost to paint a house are proprietary and I really don’t want to give my hard-earned calculations to my competitors, so I’ve done the next best thing. I searched my records for the costs of the past 20 interior and 20 exterior paint jobs. These amounts encompass a variety of jobs and are a base for knowing the average cost, big or small:



Exterior of house painted by Sisu


Portion of interior painted by Sisu

Contributing Factors

Many factors contribute to the cost of painting a house: the size of the project, the detail involved, the number of colors, the age of the home, the amount of prep work, and so on. Recently, we painted a stairwell for $350 and the owner supplied the paint. We also got paid over $18,000 for painting the interior and exterior of a new build pool house. All in all, the best way to get the cost of your painting project is to schedule a bid.

If you’re just looking to have a room painted, the average price to the paint walls of a 12’ x 12’ bedroom with 8-foot ceilings is about $556 for a two-coat color change. If you paint more rooms, the price can come down, so there’s always that to consider. The time of year can affect pricing. Currently, we are running a 25% off special because our exterior season is over and we naturally slowdown in the winter. This discount brings the cost of interior house painting way down. We hope this information helps you to budget your painting project.


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