SISU Painting | Trim: Sisu's Six Essential Painting Tips

Trim: Sisu’s Six Essential Painting Tips

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash Get the Best Results Whether you have recently installed new trim, or you are attempting to update your old wood work, these tips should help you achieve the results you ... Read More
SISU Painting | Winter Paint Colors: Fresh Inspiration

Winter Paint Colors: Fresh Inspiration

We Love these Chilly Winter Colors and Want to Inspire You! Winter in Oregon is a pretty monochromatic affair; but, this year, when the temperatures dropped down below freezing, ice frosted the ground and snow flurries ... Read More
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House Painting in Wet Weather: When is it Safe?

Weather Challenges in Exterior House Painting The Pacific Northwest presents unique challenges for exterior house painting, primarily due to its moisture-rich climate. Understanding how weather conditions affect paint application and drying is crucial for a successful ... Read More