Welcome to our Interior Wall and Trim Gallery, where timeless elegance meets personalized expertise. At Sisu Painting, we take pride in the art of neutrals, showcasing the enduring allure of grays, whites, and taupe in interiors. Immerse yourself in our portfolio for inspiration on how these classic hues can transform your space.

Colors have been expertly selected by Nancy Long, one of our esteemed owners and a seasoned color expert. With a keen eye for design and an innate understanding of color theory, Nancy is here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect palette for your home. Whether you’re drawn to the sophistication of neutrals or have a vibrant color vision in mind, Nancy’s expertise ensures that your choice harmonizes seamlessly with your style and vision.

Explore our gallery to see the transformative power of Nancy’s color insights in action. From subtle tones that create a serene ambiance to bold choices that make a statement, let Sisu Painting and Nancy Long elevate your interior spaces with a palette that reflects your unique taste and personality. Discover the art of color curation with Sisu Painting – where expertise meets inspiration.