Sisu Painting, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of exterior painting services and customer service that the industry has to offer. We are committed to providing a timely estimate, returning all phone calls and emails, showing up on time and delivering an exceptional paint job. With our interior service, we offer a complimentary color consultation (a $250 value), free sample quarts and drawdowns (paint samples “drawn down” on card stock) with each contract to help you achieve your goals of choosing the correct color. When the business started years ago, Sisu was 100% committed to raising the bar in the industry and numerous customer reviews are proof that we are succeeding. Sisu Painting has achieved the highest ratings on Angie’s List, Yelp and Google in the greater Portland area.

At Sisu Painting, Inc., we take our job seriously! When it comes to exterior painting, there are five essential elements that we focus on to provide our customers with the highest quality paint job:

Proper Prep and Application:

• Pressure washing with at least 2400 PSI
• Removal of failing caulk
• Scraping of loose paint and application of XIM Peel Bond primer (or comparable bonding primer that has glue in it) to all areas of paint failure
• Filling holes and making minor repairs
• Applying appropriate primers to substrates as needed
• Protecting all non-painted surfaces with paper, plastic, tape and/or drop cloths
• Application of high quality paint products by airless sprayer, brush and rollers
• Two coat application of paint. Rare exceptions apply

Sisu Painting is dedicated to protecting your home and your environment. Our skillfully trained painters will protect all your belongings, including your plants and vegetation, sidewalks, driveways and patios from splatter and paint drips by covering everything with plastic, paper and/or drop cloths. It’s our goal to leave your home cleaner than we found it. Low and zero VOC options are available. Prior to commencing interior work, Sisu Painting, Inc. will provide:

• Proposal
• Contract
• Color selections form
• Pre-paint checklist
• Draw downs (large color samples) of product for color match approval

Skilled Labor:

Achieving the highest quality paint job comes at a price, mostly due to the cost of labor. In fact, the biggest expense of any paint job is the cost of labor. At Sisu Painting, Inc. we hire the best painters in the area, provide a livable wage and invest in our teams by providing the highest level of training in town. Sisu Painting, Inc. has a very specific way of painting and providing customer service and we provide this service, consistently on every job.

Premium Products:

All the prep work in the world won’t make a difference if the job is finished using shoddy materials. Sure, we could skimp on product, but it’s our experience that our customers appreciate a long lasting paint job. Unlike builder’s grade and other low quality paints, all of our exterior and interior paint products carry a minimum 25 year manufacturer warranty. In most cases, we offer a paint product with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. We also use the best caulks, primers and sundries - including brushes, rollers and tape - the market has to offer. While cheap knockoffs save cost up front, in the long run, going with the cheaper brand will cost the consumer in quality and longevity of your paint job.

Some of Our Satisfied Exterior Clients

  • “We were very happy with our service from Sisu Painting.  They painted the exterior of our house this summer and the interior of our house this winter.  Very professional, colors look great.  I would absolutely use Sisu again.”

    Jennifer S., Portland
  • For any future painting (I am not able to do myself) Sisu will be our "go to".  If you are looking for a painting contractor that really cares, produces excellent results and a pleasure to work with, then give Sisu Painting a call.”

    John B., Tigard
  • “They far exceeded my expectations. Their work crew is very professional and completed the job right on schedule. There were no hidden surprises or fees along the way. They completed the work exactly as the bid stated.”

    Charlene F., Lake Oswego

Customer Service

At Sisu Painting, Inc. we are determined to raise the bar on customer service! Here are just a few services that you can expect when working with Sisu Painting, Inc.

• Calls and emails returned in a timely manner
• Application of high quality paint products by airless sprayer, brush and rollers
• Schedules adhered to
• Legal contracts tailored for a mutually beneficial relationship
• Clearly written scopes of work, specific for your product
• Paint selections schedule – approved and clearly written – detailing your color and brand preference for all products used
• Draw downs (large samples of paint on card stock) for final color approval.]Assistance with color selections
• Quality control on each job
• Project management and supervision for each job
• Clearly marked touch-up paint left after each job
• Final walk through with the customer

Written Warranty

Sisu Painting, Inc. offers written warranties on our workmanship for each of our projects. You don’t have to worry about problems with your paint job because we are here for you! The quality products that we provide are backed by manufacturer warranties. We will provide you with a copy of our warranty to preview before you accept our bid.

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