Meet The Team

Established in 1995, Sisu Painting has continued to grow and thrive under the experienced direction of current owners Nancy Long and Cylina Sanchez. Learn more about the owners of Sisu Painting and their dedicated team of professionals who are here to serve any and all of your painting needs.

  • Nancy Long

    Nancy Long

    Boss Lady

    After spending several years working two jobs to make ends meet; Nancy, a single mom decided to go into the construction business for herself.  She didn’t have any real experience or skills one might depend on, but from her Finnish father she had inherited a hardworking tenacity and a fighting spirit he referred to as “sisu.” You may get to know Nancy during your bid appointment or during the color consultation, and Nancy's energy and passion for her business means that she's dedicated to a perfect job for every client!

  • Cylina Sanchez

    Cylina Sanchez

    Queen of All Things Paint

    You will surely meet Cylina when she is visiting your jobsite and checking in with you to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you are fortunate, you’ll hire Cylina to work her magic with specialty finishes. Cylina’s artistic nature makes her the master at Italian lime plasters as well as the other half of this very dedicated owner team who works tirelessly to make sure your painting project comes out just right! Both Cylina and Nancy love the great outdoors; especially hiking, snow shoeing, back packing or spending time with family and friends.

  • Alyssa Usrey

    Alyssa Usrey

    FMW (Freakin' Miracle Worker)

    Alyssa Usrey is your FMW (Frickin’ Miracle Worker) who happens to get just as excited about your paint job as she does about her dogs. Alyssa will be handling your contract, the schedule and countless details of your project with professionalism, determination and enthusiasm. Her contagious cheerfulness is guaranteed to brighten your day! Alyssa is learning archery and enjoys spending time in her garden. She’s an excellent baker and safe and respectful motorcyclist. Her weekends are spent berry picking, hiking, playing with her dog and eating chocolate.

  • Khierra Parker

    Khierra Parker

    Project Wonder Woman

    Khierra joined Sisu with her eyes on the prize and will eagerly assist you with your painting project with a calmness and professionalism rarely found in this industry. You can count on Khierra to schedule anything from your bid, your painters, product delivery, color consultations, as well as ensure you are always informed of the progress of your painting project from start to finish. Khierra absolutely loves her three-year-old rambunctious son Roman, her partner, and is passionate about singing, writing, and her volunteer work to provide safe environments for dogs in the greater Portland area.

  • The Fearsome Foursome

    The Fearsome Foursome

    Khierra, Nancy, Cylina and Alyssa – here to make your project successful!

  • Sisu Paint Team

    Sisu Paint Team

    Serious Professionals eager to earn your business!