Searching for a Wall or Cabinet Finish that is uniquely YOU? We’ve got you covered!

Try one of our specialty finishes or Italian lime plasters. Each unique style application is hand crafted by our own professional finish artist, Cylina Sanchez. Cylina is known for her artistry with glazed cabinets, metallic wall finishes, Venetian plasters; traditional and modern stenciling and crackling.

For Cabinets: Reuse, Revitalize, Transform!

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your cabinets, first consider this:

A glazed cabinet application can transform your dreary outdated kitchen into a one-of-kind antique, striae or distressed finish that reflects your unique style… while saving you money!

For Walls: faux finish techniques can’t compare to this…

Venetian and Italian Lime Plasters have no substitute.  If you have discerning tastes, you’ll love our stunning Venetian and Italian Lime Plaster applications. Rustic, marbled, layered or crackled; each application is unique in form and texture.

Italian Lime Plaster: Green and Gorgeous!

Not only is Italian Lime Plaster stunning, but it’s also good for the environment…and for your health!  Ingredients are natural and non-toxic; when properly applied, this plaster provides an optimal indoor air quality.  Lime is also naturally high in PH, which gives the surface an antibacterial quality which naturally inhibits the growth of mold and other fungus. This plaster application will also have a positive impact on energy costs because it is applied in layers, effectively adding an insulation barrier for greater heating and cooling efficiency.

If you are looking for something truly unique, Cylina can help make the wall your canvas… and bring your living space alive! Whether you are homeowner, designer or remodeler, we have the right finish for you.

Visit our studio to see samples of all our custom design finishes!

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 An Overview of Sisu Painting

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